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4 Reasons Winter is a Good Time To Install Hardwood Flooring

If you’ve ever thought about installing hardwood floors in your home or business, the winter season offers ideal conditions for installation. Here are four reasons why the colder months of the year are perfect for hardwood flooring installation.

Low Humidity in the Winter

Your skin may not appreciate the dry winter air, but hardwood floors do. The presence of humidity during hardwood installation can potentially warp the boards after they’ve been installed. This will probably ruin all the hard work done by installation technicians, making your new floors look uneven. Additionally, you’ll have to worry about trapped moisture from the humid air developing into mold or mildew.

When there isn’t much humidity circulating, you don’t have to worry about humid air becoming trapped underneath your new flooring. The colder months are the perfect time to avoid humidity.

Boards Have a Chance To “Settle” in the Winter

Another great thing about installing hardwood floors in the winter is the boards can properly acclimate before they’re laid down.

Before putting hardwood down for installation, you should leave it exposed to the air in the room or building in which it’s to be installed. This is because, just as you need to properly nest for a house to feel like a home, hardwood floorboards need to be exposed to the air before being laid down and installed so they’re used to the normal humidity levels and temperature of your residential or commercial property.

Little Change in Size

In summer temperatures, the organic material of hardwood expands. Should you put down your floors, they’re sure to look perfectly fine once the installers are done. Issues won’t crop up until the winter season when your boards contract and lose the moisture soaked up in the summer. You’re likely to notice gaps between boards. That said, don’t be alarmed if you notice small gaps between boards during winter installation. When warmer months roll around, your floors will have some growing room.

More Chances of Schedule Openings

Every industry has seasons of ebbs and flows, and home improvements are usually done in the summer. By waiting until the winter for hardwood flooring installation, you’re likely to have an easier time finding an opening with professional installers.

Have you always felt your home or company would look great with hardwood floors? Reach out to a Surface Design Solutions representative by filling out a Contact Us form.

Posted on December 3, 2018.

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