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Education Flooring Solutions for Rochester Schools

Creating an environment in which students can learn to the best of their abilities requires paying attention to all aspects of the classroom space. This includes finding the perfect education flooring for every space in your school. Educational flooring generally needs to be tough and durable, attractive and noise dampening so that students can have peace and quiet to study. However, the exact flooring you should choose depends on the type of educational institution you are outfitting and the types of rooms in your facility. Let’s explore some of those variations.


Classrooms are the heart of any educational facility, and several types of flooring may be used in them successfully. The best flooring for your school ultimately has a lot to do with the size of the class and the age of the students. However, since flooring in classrooms receive a lot of traffic, consider installing a material such as linoleum that is durable and stain resistant. Commercial carpet is another option, especially for classes of older students who are less likely to spill items such as paint and cause stains.

Hallways and Meeting Spaces

Hallways often have the heaviest foot traffic. Vinyl and linoleum flooring are good choices for the areas outside the classroom since they are highly durable and make it easy for the cleaning staff to remove footprints. Both types of materials can also be installed to ensure they minimize noise.


In libraries, quiet is essential and noise-dampening flooring can help maintain the 

atmosphere of study and concentration. Carpet is often the preferred choice for use in libraries because of its noise-absorbing properties. In a large space such as a school library, carpet tiles are generally the recommended method of installation. Tiles offer the added benefit of being relatively easy to swap out if one section of flooring becomes soiled, worn, or damaged.

Administrative Offices

Offices receive little foot traffic compared to where students congregate, so concerns such as noise don’t have to be considered as highly when choosing flooring for these areas. Administrative areas should have flooring that is attractive in a way where the space can be suitable for housing people in authority and be welcoming to visitors. When flooring offices, consider an attractive material such as faux wood laminate or ceramic tile.  
The right flooring can make your educational environment more efficient and pleasant for your students. To learn more about your options, contact Surface Design Solutions today.

Posted on March 31, 2017.

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