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How Laminate Flooring Livened Up a Commercial Space in Rochester

Sometimes, your business needs to change to fit your needs. It could need more space as it grows, you may need to improve the organization and functionality of your office space, or you might need to move to be in a more advantageous location for your employees and customers. Laminate flooring, given its ease of maintenance and affordability is a great option to help improve any commercial property.

Whatever the reason, when you’re looking for a space to call your own or you’re updating the space your business already occupies, it’s important to consider many factors when planning the new design and layout of the space and to visualize how these factors will look in the new space.

It should be no surprise that we think that the flooring in your new space should be a major factor in the design, not an afterthought. In fact, if you want to update and improve the aesthetics of the space, you will be surprised at how far a flooring renovation can go in terms of updating the space.

We helped remodel office space at 200 Holleder Pkwy in Rochester, New York to suit the corporate offices of Monro, Inc.

To make the space inviting, we used warm, wood grain laminate flooring in the entryway. The direction of the “boards” make the room look long and visually invite visitors to walk to the front desk, and the hardwood-feel adds elegance to the space that didn’t exist before.

Laminate Flooring in Office Space Laminate flooring offers unique advantages when it comes to heavy foot traffic, such as high durability and easy cleaning and maintenance. Because of this, we continued with the laminate floors throughout the building in high-traffic areas such as common hallways and the breakroom.

To visually separate the workspaces from the common areas, we used dark gray, textured carpet tiles in the workspaces. This offered a professional look and a more comfortable feel to the office.

Posted on April 30, 2020.

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