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Inserting Personality with Unique Flooring Solutions: The Henrietta Public Library

In 2019, we were approached with a very exciting new project: providing and installing the flooring at the highly anticipated new public library building in Henrietta, New York. 

The construction of the new Henrietta Public Library was in the works for a year and a half when the majority of voters agreed with the project in November 2017. From then until its grand opening in July 2019, the Henrietta Public Library created a buzz in the community about the new building, what it will look like, and the unique features. 

Surface Design Solutions was honored to take on installing the flooring in the bright, inviting new space. We installed flooring to match the personality of the section of the library as well as its foot traffic needs. 

In the grand entry of the library and up the stairs, we installed textured ceramic flooring tiles that gave the space motion and a professional look. This flooring will be easy to keep clean under the heavy foot traffic the entry of the library will certainly see.



On the second floor, we installed a more muted flooring: dark gray carpet tiles to match the personality of the more academic second floor.




Perhaps the most fun flooring we installed was in the children’s section of the library. We used bright, rainbow-colored carpet tiles that gave the appearance of mosaic tile to match the vibrant aesthetic of this super-fun section of the new library.




Together, these different flooring options create well-defined, functional spaces in the bright and open public library that complement each other and invite guests to explore.

Posted on March 2, 2020.

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