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Protecting Flooring During Spring and Summer

As the heat of summer sets in, your home habits will start changing to adjust to the new season. The AC will likely stay on throughout the day, you’ll close windows to protect insulation, and you may be more mindful of problems caused by humidity, too. All of these directly affect the keeping and condition of your flooring, so it is important to pay special attention to the ways that your habits change during the summer. Whether you have linoleum, carpeting, or vinyl wood flooring, paying special attention to your flooring is vital as temperatures rise. Spring and summer flooring care will save you the time, money, and effort associated with making repairs that could be avoided through proper preventative steps.

Protecting Flooring From Sun Damage

One of the biggest sources of damage in spring and summer months is sunlight. If you have any sources of natural light that are exposed to your floor, you are likely to see problems arise without proper flooring protection. Even indirect sunlight can heat a portion of your floor to a higher temperature than the rest and cause damage. Regardless of what kind of floors you have in your home or business, sun damage can cause the following problems:

  • Warping
  • Discoloration and fading
  • Damage to finish
  • Hardening of carpet fibers

Protecting flooring from these threats doesn’t have to be difficult. Investing in effective window treatments is the first line of defense as it creates a barrier between the sun and your floor. If you do not want to install curtains or keep them closed throughout the day, you can also invest in window tints that filter out sunlight. If you are unable to limit the incoming sunlight, applying a sunlight-protective sealant to your floors can also limit the potential damage.

Avoid Damage from Moisture and Humidity

Speaking of sealants, they are an ideal option for mitigating the potential damage of moisture and humidity. If you have hardwoods, vinyl, or laminate, the slightest bit of moisture can wreak serious damage on your floors. During the spring and summer, moisture typically peaks with the heat as humidity permeates the air, and the result is an environment that is entirely inhospitable to floors. In addition to sealants, investing in a high quality dehumidifier for your home can protect floors from damage caused by moisture in the air. With no protection, carpets, vinyl, and hardwood are all susceptible to warping due to high levels of summertime humidity.

Control the Climate of the House

The easiest way to protect your floors from damage in the spring and summertime is to keep a close control over the climate in your home. Whether that means filtering out sunlight, investing in a dehumidifier, or limiting AC usage, it’s a worthwhile effort that can massively extend the longevity of your flooring. An even better defense, though, is investing in high quality flooring to begin with. The lesser the quality, the more likely it is to succumb to the damage caused by the spring and summertime environment. High quality flooring will be resistant to the forces that might easily damage cheaper flooring.

Reach out to Surface Design Solutions at (585) 444-0105 or contact us online for more information on how we can equip you with damage-resistant flooring. We serve business and residential clients throughout the Henrietta, NY area.

Posted on June 8, 2020.

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